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Landlord's lucky escape

Car stuck in Sun Pub in Basingstoke Credit: ITV Meridian

A landlord and his staff have had a very lucky escape after a car crashed into the side of their pub. Staff say they were making a cup of coffee when the car came careering through the wall of the Sun Inn in Basingstoke. The driver was unharmed.

Car in the Sun pub in Basingstoke Credit: ITV Meridian

Car crashes into pub

Workers at the Sun pub just outside of Basingstoke in Hampshire got a nasty surprise this morning when a car crashed through the wall of their pub.

One worker was making a cup of coffee in the front of the pub when they heard a loud bang and bricks started falling from the walls.

The driver of the car is unhurt but the landlord says that the pub will have to remain closed for several days while renovation work takes place.