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Tory conference dominated by speculation about Theresa May's future

Credit: ITV Meridian

Conservatives from the south have been braving the wind and the rain of Manchester for their party conference.

It's been dominated by speculation about Theresa May's future.

There's been criticism of Boris Johnson with many Tories accusing the former MP for Henley of undermining the Prime Minister.

Tonight the current MP for Henley told us Mr Johnson should keep quiet!

As our Political Correspondent Phil Hornby reports.

Phil spoke to Damian Green, MP First Secretary of State, John Glen MP Salisbury, Con, John Howell MP Henley, Con and Tim Loughton MP East Worthing & Shoreham, Con.

One year on: How has Theresa May fared?

It's been a year since Maidenhead MP Theresa May became Prime Minister.

During the election campaign she wasn't a regular visitor to the South but she made an impact when she was here.

She famously took part in a planned canvassing exercise in Southampton.

Rachel Hepworth has been re-tracing her steps, one year on.

Phil spoke to Kit Malthouse, MP for North West Hampshire.

Theresa May, through the eyes of cartoonists

There's no doubt that politics has been unpredictable and exciting recently.

That's good news, of course, for cartoonists. They've been having great fun - mostly at the Prime Minister's expense.

Our political correspondent Phil Hornby who has been to an exhibition which compares the cartoonists' views of Theresa May with one of her predecessors.

Prime Minister targets Labour constituency in South

The Prime Minister paid a flying visit today, significantly targeting one of only three Labour constituencies in the South.

Theresa May went door-knocking for votes in Southampton Test, held by Labour last time round. But it appeared to be as much for the cameras as any serious canvassing attempt.

And later, with more publicity in the offing, she visited the local newspaper. Our political correspondent Phil Hornby reports.


General Election 2017: the view from the region

Our political correspondent Phil Hornby has been looking at Westminster's reaction to the Prime Minister's call for a General Election:

The view from the West of the ITV Meridian region including the Thames Valley begins with a look at the Prime Minister Theresa May on the campaign trail year ago in Maidenhead in Berkshire.

The view from the eastern part of the ITV Meridian area starts with an interview from Tom Tugendhat, the MP for Tonbridge & Malling.

Prime Minister's constituents respond to shock election announcement

Theresa May's decision to call an early election has taken people living in her constituency by surprise.

The Prime Minister has been an MP in Maidenhead for 20 years, but even those working in her constituency office weren't warned about the plans.

She made the shock announcement outside the steps of No. 10 after returning from a walking holiday in Wales with her husband.

Political experts say the calling of a snap election is a shrewd decision by Mrs May, who could capitalise on the current weakness of rival parties.

  • Watch Sam Holder reporting from Maidenhead

General Election 2017: The view from Medway

The Medway Towns return three Members of Parliament to Westminster. We take a look at the chances of Labour retaking the area, the party controlled all three seats for a period of thirteen years in recent history. Our correspondent Derek Johnson reports.

General election 2017: The view from Hove

Hove in Sussex was the one bright spot for Labour in 2015. There, Peter Kyle was elected. But with a majority of little more than a thousand, it is all to play for once again. John Ryall has our report.

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