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Thieves raid playroom at children's hospital

Meanwhile, a games console was stolen from a playroom at Southampton Children's Hospital over the weekend.

Christmas is, of course, one of the worst times for any child to be in hospital, so this heartless act, has really captured the public's imagination.

Yes, already the hospital has been given 10 replacement, top of the range consoles - including one donated by the police. Richard Slee has the story

Aftermath of Weyhill garage burglary

Police are appealing for witnesses and information about a burglary at Weyhill Texaco Garage Credit: Weyhill garage
The safe was removed from the office and opened outside of the garage. Credit: Weyhill garage
Cash, which was in the safe, was stolen and about £10,000 worth of cigarettes and tobacco was also taken. Credit: Weyhill garage


£10,000 of cigarettes & tobacco stolen from Andover

Police are trying to piece together more information after cash and around £10,000 worth of cigarettes and tobacco was stolen from Weyhill Texaco Garage near Andover. Offenders made a large hole in a wall at the back of the building and then forced their way through internal walls to get the office.

They removed the safe and opened it outside of the garage. It happened between 2am and 3am on Tuesday, July 1. Anyone with any information is asked to contact DC Davis at Andover Police Station on 101 or call the charity Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111, where information can be left anonymously.

Detective Constable Alix Davis said:

“It is believed the offenders would have needed a large vehicle, maybe a 4x4, to get to the rear of the premises and also to have pulled the safe from the building.

“If you saw any large vehicles in suspicious circumstances, or have any information which could assist this investigation, please contact me as soon as possible.”

– Detective Constable Alix Davis

Thieves strip exhaust from vans

Thieves have been stripping entire exhaust systems from Mercedes vans in East Grinstead.

Sussex Police believe the offenders may have tracked down the vehicles and stolen the parts to order.

One theft took place at about 1.30am on Monday, August 5 in Halsford Green.

The other happened between 8pm on Sunday, August 4 and 6.45am on Monday, August 5 in Campbell Crescent.

Police would like to speak to anyone acting suspiciously in the area.

Graeme Prentice, of East Grinstead Neighbouring Policing Team, said: "Although the thieves could have escaped with the exhaust systems quite quickly, they may have made a substantial amount of noise removing them from the vans."