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Protestors living near Heathrow facing eviction

Protestors living on land near Heathrow Airport who are campaigning against a third runway could be facing immediate eviction.

If the landowners are granted a possession order balifs could move in within a number of days. The group Grow Heathrow says it infringes the right to freedom of expression. They'll protest outside Central London County Court this morning as the trial begins. The final decision will be made on Wednesday.

Campaigners lose bid to challenge Heathrow third runway plans at High Court

Credit: Steve Parsons/PA

An attempt by campaigners to bring a High Court challenge against a third runway at Heathrow Airport has failed.

Campaigners claim the Government's October 2016 decision to back plans for the runway is unlawful, alleging there was a failure to consult before resiling from unequivocal promises that it would never be built. They also said the Government has failed to recognise the project's unlawful air quality impacts.

But lawyers for the Transport Secretary argued that the judicial review could not proceed - saying it should not be heard until after the consultation on the National Policy Statement (NPS) on aviation is published in 2017/18.

On Monday in London, Mr Justice Cranston struck out the case on the basis that the court had no jurisdiction to hear the claim.


Day of Action held over Heathrow third runway plans

A day of action has been held near Heathrow to highlight "the devastation" campaigners claim will be caused by a third runway.

They say historic buildings would be threatened from the development with more flights causing extra noise and pollution across the Thames Valley.

But those in favour insist the £18bn scheme would create thousands of jobs and boost the regional economy.

Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse reports..

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Govt insists 'no third runway for Heathrow'

The Transport Secretary Justine Greening has again told the House of Commons there will be no third runway at Heathrow.

She was answering questions about the Government's aviation review, which is looking at claims from the air industry that the South East needs more airport capacity.

She told MPs it mustn't be a 'headline-driven pub-style debate' but a mature examination of what's needed - not for a short-term fix but for the next 50 or 60 years.

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