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Unique job offer at one of the UK's two working tide mills

Now it's not often you apply for a job that states 'no experience required' but a role has been advertised that's so rare - the successful candidate is expected to have no prior knowledge of the job whatsoever.

Yes the role is for a position at Britain's only operational tide mill in Hampshire to produce flour at the 900 year old site that used to be owned by the King of England.

So if no experience is required - what are they looking for? Juliette Fletcher reports.

No experience needed for rarest job in the country!

Britain's only working tide mill, which is based in Hampshire, is looking for a miller to produce flour at the 900-year-old site.

The role at Eling Tide Mill is so unusual, that any applicant that apply are not expected to have any experience.

Instead, they will receive training from David Plunkett, who held the position when the mill was restored between 1975 and 1980.

The new miller will create around 16 tonnes of flour a year at the site.