Sgt Kups

Family remember their hero

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed the death Wiltshire-based Sgt Jonathan Eric Kups, of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Bryn and Jack Anderson

Mum pays tribute to her sons

The mother of two boys found dead in a flat has paid tribute to them. Bryn and Jack Anderson's father's body was also found in another room.

police ape

Wilts town shocked by deaths

The deaths of a man and two young children are under investigation in Wiltshire. The three bodies were found in a flat at Tidworth.

Live updates

The world's first Para-Polo match takes place in Wiltshire

The world's first Polo match involving injured service men and woman has taken place at Tidworth in Wiltshire.

Two teams of combined able-bodied and disabled riders played for the inaugural Para-Polo Heroes Cup at Tedworth Park.

The event was part of the 'Best Of British Polo Day' and helped to raise money for the charity Help For Heroes. David Wood reports.

West Country (E)

Coroner's verdict: suicide and unlawful killing

A coroner has said that a father from Wiltshire killed his sons before committing suicide.

The body of Graham Anderson was found alongside his sons Jack, who was 11, and 3 year old Bryn at their flat in Tidworth last summer.

The coroner described it as a distressing case. Robert Murphy was in court. Some parts of his report may be upsetting.


West Country (E)

Coroner's verdict into 3 year old's death

The Wiltshire coroner says the cause of 3 year old Bryn Anderson's death is unclear but has recorded a verdict of unlawful killing.

The bodies of 11 year old Jack and 3 year old Bryn were found next to the body of their father, Graham Anderson, in a flat in Tidworth in September last year.

The coroner earlier recorded a verdict of suicide into the death of Graham Anderson. He said 11 year old Jack was also unlawfully killed by his father.


West Country (E)

Father was 'devoted' to his sons

A social worker has been giving evidence at the inquest into the deaths of Graham Anderson and his sons, 11 year old Jack and Bryn who was three.

The boys and their father were found dead at a flat in Tidworth in September last year.

Their social worker, Jaz Bains, told the inquest that the boys' mother, Victoria Jones, was binge drinking and engaged in relationships that were not 'child-centred'.

Ms Jones was separated from the boy's father at the time.

He was totally devoted to the children.

He didn't want to step back from having responsibility to be their carer.

– Social worker Jaz Bains
West Country (E)

Inquest resumes into deaths of father and his young sons

11 year old Jack and 3 year old Bryn were found with their father in September last year Credit: Chris Eades

An inquest has resumed today into the deaths of a father and his two sons in Wiltshire.

The bodies of 11 year old Jack and 3 year old Bryn were found next to the body of their father - Graham Anderson - in a flat in Tidworth in September last year.

Wiltshire Police said the deaths were being treated as suspicious but they were not looking for anyone else.

The inquest is expected to last three days.

Wiltshire soldiers in hand over

Credit: Royal Navy

Wiltshire-based soldiers from 40 Commando have trained Afghan soldiers to find and destroy Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Sergeant Kev Clark, an ISAF instructor from 11 EOD Regiment, based in Tidworth, Wiltshire, said:

"We teach them how to use search equipment and ground sign awareness. They are very good at ground sign anyway. For guys that are in the main illiterate they picked up the procedures extremely well and asked a lot of good questions.”

Tour Medals for Hussars

Soldiers from The King’s Royal Hussars based at Tidworth in Wiltshire will receive their Afghanistan Operational Service Medals on 4th December 2012, after a six-month deployment to Southern Afghanistan as part of Task Force Helmand on Operation HERRICK 16. Princess Anne will present the medals.

The King’s Royal Hussars were in Helmand between March and October. The Regimental Battle Group had its headquarters at Lashkar Gah. It was the first district in Helmand to start the process of transition to Afghan control of security in 2011 and continued to make steady progress.

The Lashkar Gah Transition Support Group led by the Hussars led the counter insurgency campaign and advanced the training of Afghan forces to improve local security. The King’s Royal Hussars as a regiment did not suffer any fatalities whilst deployed on Operation HERRICK 16.

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