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Tiger family of five

One of the adult tigers at the sanctuary, with one of the three cubs Credit: Wildlife Heritage Foundation

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation (WHF) in Ashford has two Amur tigers, Pan, a male, and Ronja, a female. They had three female cubs last June. Mother Ronja was born in Schweren zoo in Germany and arrived at WHF in Summer 2004.

After time to settle in her new home, she and Pan formed a partnership. The park says she is happy and doing well as a mother. Pan was born on Copenhagen, but arrived to WHF from a zoo in Sweden. The park says he is an ideal partner for Ronja, good natured and great dad to the three cubs.


New tiger cubs make rare appearance

A wildlife conservation in Kent has released this first footage of its ten-week-old tiger cubs.

The cubs were born to proud Mum Ronja, an Amur Tiger, at charity The Wildlife Heritage Foundation's headquarters in Smarden.

Members of the public will be able to see the cubs, and other animals, in a special open day and concert on Sunday.