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  1. Tom Savvides

Organ donor numbers fall

The number of people donating organs has fallen for the first time in eleven years. Fewer transplants are now taking place. Tom Savvides speaks to Nicky Clifford from Maidstone who says a kidney transplant transformed her life. This report also includes interviews with Sally Johnson from NHS Blood and Transplant and Hannah Cochrane from Portsmouth who's on the waiting list for a heart transplant.


Transplant patients call for more support

The first British woman to become a mother after having a heart and lung transplant is trying to raise awareness and money. Nicola Langlands from Eastbourne says there's not enough support for patients or their families.

Today, she was campaigning at the British Transplant Games in Gillingham, from where Iain McBride sent this report.

Iain spoke to Nicola and Megan Langlands.