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MPs discuss Manston Airport's future in committee

Campaigners hoping to see Manston Airport in Kent reopened have been in Westminster today, as MPs listened to evidence for restoring the runway for aircraft. The Airport closed in May 2014, amid fears that the site would be used for housing or commercial development. But many locals - including the MP - have never given up the fight to make the airport a commercial success. Our Political Correspondent Phil Hornby sent this roundup.

Landslide causes disruption for Thames Valley rail users

Disruption to rail travel between Banbury & Leamington Spa continues Credit: Bing

Rail passengers across the Thames Valley have faced misery today after a landslide blocked part of the line from Oxfordshire to the Midlands.

The landslide happened on Saturday afternoon near Harbury Tunnel in Warwickshire. The incident closed the line between Banbury and Leamington Spa.

It means services on the Chiltern Line - are seriously affected. Network Rail says it's still too dangerous to access the site as three hundred thousand tonnes of earth and rock is still moving. Callum Watkinson reports.

The interviewees are: Liam Sumpter from Network Rail; and Thomas Ableman from Chiltern Railways.

  1. Mike Pearse

Level crossing crackdown: Thousands putting themselves and others at risk of death or injury

British Transport Police issue cctv to warn people to beware at level crossings

A stark warning has been issued to anyone who might misuse level crossings. The British Transport Police say that thousands of cyclists, motorists and pedestrians are continuing to put themselves at risk of death or injury - by trying to beat the barriers at level crossings.

In the last few months, alone, the British Transport Police has charged or issued summons to 400 motorists for traffic offences, issued fixed penalties to 357 people, and offered awareness courses to 568.

Now in one of the biggest ever crackdowns, police will be out in force across every region this week, using the latest technology to catch offenders - and warn of the dangers.

Tina Hughes who lost her daughter in a level crossing accident was there at the launch of the initiative to back the awareness campaign. Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse reports.

The other interviewees are Inspector Becky Warren, British Transport Police; PC Simon Spencer-Briggs, a Mobile Safety Officer; and Clive Robey from Network Rail.

MPs to discuss Manston Airport's future

Manston Airport in Kent closed in May 2014

The future of Manston Airport to be discussed by MPs at the House of Commons this afternoon. The site closed in May 2014 with the loss of around 150 jobs.

The discussions are part of the Transport Select Committee's evidence sessions for its smaller airports inquiry. The witnesses due to speak include representatives of Kent Airport Ltd, RiverOak Investment Corp, Thanet District Council and Kent County Council.

Members of the Save Manston pressure group are also in London to make their voices heard.


Charges suspended on the Dartford Crossing

The Dartford Crossing is being modified to allow for the creation of the new 'Dart Charge' scheme

The Highways Agency has temporarily suspended toll charges on the Dartford Crossing southbound until further notice - because of congestion.

The decision was made just before 10am this morning to help ease the severe traffic that has built up during roadworks taking place to introduce the new Dart Charge scheme. The Highways Agency said it also wants to reduce the risk of minor collisions in queuing traffic. The organisation said: - 'We are doing all we possibly can to help keep traffic moving.'.

Report finds Sussex route is UK's 'highest risk road'

The A285 runs between Chichester and Petworth

A new report has found that the UK's highest risk road is a stretch of less than 20 miles in West Sussex.

The number of crashes on the A285 between Chichester and Petworth has risen year on year. The Road Safety Foundation says that is because of the number of bends along the route.

The route runs north to south linking the A27 with the A272 and runs through the South Downs.

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