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Triplet mother's anguish in fight to care for disabled baby

It's heartbreaking. That's the reaction of the mother of triplets, one of whom has suffered 'catastrophic' brain injuries, after being told she doesn't qualify for extra National Health Service support.

Baby Essie Cobbett is unlikely to live beyond two years and remains in hospital tonight. Her parents are frustrated by bureaucracy and financial constraints they say are stopping the NHS from giving them the help they need.

Healthcare officials insist the nine-week-old child does qualify for care in the home, but Lorna Cobbett says it's not enough. Andy Dickenson reports and we also hear from Keith Reed of the Twins and Multiple Births Association.

Extended interview with father of triplets

VIDEO: It seemed everything in his life was rosy. A millionaire who, despite being single, had fulfilled his dream of becoming a father when his triplet sons were born to a surrogate mother.

Ian Mucklejohn's boys, Lars, Piers and Ian, were happy and doing well at primary school when came news that hit him with a hammer blow. He was diagnosed with skin cancer.

In an interview with Penny Silvester at his home near Newbury, Ian explains how he was forced to re-think his future.