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Concern for missing teeanger

Elizabeth Wright hasn't been seen since Friday Credit: Sussex Police

There are concerns for 15-year-old Uckfield girl Elizabeth Wright who hasn't been seen since Friday.

Elizabeth was last seen by family members at 8.45am when she was dropped off at school in Uckfield. She did contact her parents on Saturday to say that she was with friends in Jarvis Brook, but did not elaborate and it is believed that she may have spent the weekend in Brighton.

She is white, 5' 9", with short sandy-coloured straight brown hair. She is thought to be wearing a black parka jacket with a fur hood, black trainers with white stripe and maybe, skinny jeans.


Dramatic footage as deer is rescued from 40ft ledge

Roe deer is released into the wild after being trapped for three days

It was a case of hide and seek for East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service yesterday who had to lure a deer to safety after it became trapped behind a fence in Uckfield for three days.

The Roe deer was tricked into walking into a net which allowed staff to move it away from the 40ft ledge and release it into the wild.

“We are not sure how the deer got into the area but according to local residents it was stuck there for three days.

"I hid behind a tree stump whilst Trevor and Chris encouraged the deer towards me.

"I waited there hidden so the deer wouldn’t see me.

"It wasn’t long before I could hear the deer crashing through the vegetation and it the suddenly ran straight into the net.

"I sprang into action and called for back up from Chris and Trevor who quickly joined me in gaining full control over the deer."

– Kathy Martyn, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS)

“The rescue operation was a dangerous one and although we ensured we stayed far enough from the edge of the 40ft drop we were worried the deer could be frightened and jump potentially to its death.

"Our approach had to be very careful and move into position quickly to encourage the deer in the right direction and into the net.

"These rescues are very stressful to both rescuers and deer and have to be undertaken as quickly as possible to avoid the deer having a heart attack”

– Trevor Weeks, ast Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS)

Concern for missing man from Uckfield

Andrew Kinsella was last seen on 23rd March Credit: Sussex Police

Police are concerned for the welfare of Andrew Kinsella who has gone missing from Uckfield.

Andrew, 39, was last seen on 23 March at his home in The Dene at 10.15am. He is believed he may have been in Croydon on 27 March and in Halland, near Uckfield, on 29 and 30 March.

He is described as white, about 6' 3', slim with cropped light brown hair. He was believed to have been wearing dark blue chinos, a black zipped jacket, brown suede shoes and was carrying a black shoulder bag.

He has an injury to his right hip and maybe using a crutch.

"We are growing concerned for the welfare of Andrew. He was reported missing on 2 April. If anyone has seen him or know of his whereabouts, please let police know."

– Wai Lee, East Sussex missing person's co-ordinator


India's dancing bears swap lives of torture for sanctuary, thanks to Sussex charity

An animal charity from Sussex is celebrating the success of its mission to save India's dancing bears from lives of cruelty and exploitation.

It's five years since International Animal Rescue took the last Sloth Bear off the streets and into a sanctuary.

Now, to mark the anniversary, the charity has released remarkable footage showing the bear's new life.

Malcolm Shaw spoke to Alan Knight who spearheaded the project.

Calls for Lewes to Uckfield rail line to be reopened

Politicians in Sussex are urging Network Rail to reopen the Lewes to Uckfield railway. They say as well as benefitting people in the two towns, it would also relieve pressure on the existing mainline between London, Brighton and the Sussex coast. The project, called BML2, could also serve Brighton & Hove Albion's new football stadium at Falmer.

ITV Meridian spoke to Lewes Conservative candidate, Maria Caulfield.

Man jailed for cutting off pup's tail

A man from Uckfield has been jailed for 12 weeks after he cut off an eight-week-old puppy's tail.

Walter Doe, who is 24 years old, from Campbell Close in Uckfield was also banned from keeping all animals for 10 years.

The RSPCA were called in July last year and found the Jack Russell puppy with a bandage around his tail and in obvious pain.

The vet said the wound was very clean-cut wound and must have been made with a sharp tool.

The prison sentence reflects how seriously the court took the suffering caused to the puppy. We have no proof about what was used to dock Jack’s tail, but whether it was a knife or a pair of scissors, he would have been in agony. Cutting through the bone of the tail must have been excruciatingly painful and no attempt at all was made to relieve this pain.Tail docking is such a brutal way to treat a young animal in any case. As well as the pain is causes, it is just completely unnecessary and deprives the animal of their best means of expression and balance.”

– RSPCA Inspector Andrew Kirby
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