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Woman who defied ice death to talk at Portsmouth uni

A woman who died after becoming trapped under ice and was then bought back to life will tell her amazing story at a free lecture at the University of Portsmouth.

Anna Bagenholme will tell her story of how in 1999, she was skiing with her friends when she fell head first into a hole and became wedged underwater, between rocks and an ice shelf.

She then changed medical history as, after 80 minutes, her body was pulled from the icy water and she was revived.

Her body temperature was 13.7C degrees, the lowest then temperature of a person who has been bought back to life.

Her friends, two mountain rescue teams, a helicopter crew plus doctors and nurses took a total of five hours to bring her back from death.

The free, public lecture will take place on Thursday 27th March at 6pm. To book your place on the lecture, click here.

Anna Bagenholme changed medical history when she died and was bought back to life Credit: Portsmouth University