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Dinosaur is an old flame in Sussex

The dinosaur stands guard Credit: PNW Communications

A shop's dinosaur mascot - currently dressed up for Valentine's - is hoping to woo visitors and help put a seaside town on the tourist map, by promoting its prehistoric past. The statue of Dino, which stands guard outside Sussex Beds in Bexhill, East Sussex has sparked a plan for a dinosaur trail around the town.

Millions of pounds spent on flowers for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming soon. No doubt many of you will soon be rushing out to buy a bouquet of flowers.

This is the flower industry's busiest time of year. Flowers have long been associated with love and romance and, here in the UK, we'll be spending millions of pounds on them this weekend. Lauren Hall reports.

Wanted: Valentine's date with GSOH, own teeth, but no horns

Now, it's that day of the year when many of us turn our thoughts to Love, or sometimes, our lack of it. And in Knockholt, near Sevenoaks, one lonely suitor is urgently advertising for a mate. He's looking for a partner with a good sense of humour and all their own teeth. But no horns. Brian the goat is a little lonesome living the solo life at Coolings Green and Pleasant. So he's on the lookout for a little Valentine's Day loving. No funny business, though. He's been neutered. Andrea Thomas reports.

Anyone who can help with a companion, male or female, is asked to call Carol Cooling on 01959 534386


HMS Daring crew send loved ones Valentines message

200 men and women on board HMS Daring send their loved ones back home a Valentines Day message Credit: Royal Navy

Crew on board Portsmouth based HMS Daring have shown their loved ones just how much they're missed by spelling out a heartfelt message on the flight deck of the ship.

The Type 45 destroyer is on its way home after 9 months away, with the 200 men and women on board helping out in the Philippines.

Birds eye view of the message on the back of HMS Daring Credit: Royal Navy