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HMS Dauntless deploys to South Atlantic

HMS Dauntless deploys to the South Atlantic Credit: ITV Meridian

Hundreds of people have gathered in Portsmouth to say goodbye to the crew of HMS Dauntless. The ship is deploying for six months to the South Atlantic. The government has denied claims that the move is in response to recent tensions with Argentina about the future of the Falklands Islands.

Inquest into soldier's death

An inquest will be held today on a soldier who died in hospital two days after being caught in a bomb blast in Afghanistan. Private Daniel Prior died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in March last year after being wounded while serving with 2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment.

This bright, inspiring and able paratrooper knew the risks of war more than almost anyone. Every one of the thousand troops in this Battle Group will mourn this irreplaceable loss."

– Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Harrison