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VIDEO : When love conquers all

A couple have beaten the odds to enjoy the sort of wedding most of us would take for granted. Olympic hopeful Natalie Burr was paralysed from the neck down while trampolining - and was told she would never walk again.

But, with her partner Shane's support, she managed to make it down the aisle - and dance the first dance. Sarah Saunders went to meet them.

Health expert praises walkers

Walking is free and good for your health soit’s understandable that more people are doing it to get to work.

Clearly some people need to use alternative modes of transport, but even then there are easy ways to build exercise into that journey - park further away from the office or get off the bus a stop early, for instance.

Britain is facing an obesity crisis that is fuelled by inactivity. It is essential for the health of the nation that people find time to exercise and hopefully these statistics are an encouraging sign that the message is getting through.

– Dr Helena Johnson, Chair of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy