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255 weapons handed in during gun amnesty in Thames Valley

255 firearms - including rifles, handguns and shotguns have been handed into police stations across the Thames Valley during a two week amnesty. It was set up so that people can hand over weapons with no questions asked. During the 14 days - 60 guns were handed over at Abingdon police station, 35 firearms have been surrendered to police in Maidenhead and 32 guns were dropped off at Newbury police station. The haul also included almost 130 rounds of ammunition and a grenade. Here's our report from Rachel Hepworth

Massive haul of guns, bullets and weapons

More than 300 firearms and thousands of bullets and shotgun rounds have been handed in during a police campaign in Sussex and Surrey.

Between 10 November and 21 November Sussex Police and Surrey Police ran a surrender during which locals were encouraged to take any unwanted weaponry to a police station to be disposed of.

In Sussex, 58 handguns, 17 rifles, 53 airguns and 104 shotguns were handed in, along with almost 1,000 shotgun cartridges and more than 4,000 bullets and other types of ammunition.

In Surrey, 37 handguns, ten rifles, 10 airguns, eight shotguns and a further 19 other firearms such as imitation weapons were handed in, along with more than 600 shotgun cartridges and more than 300 other rounds of ammunition.

Three hundred guns and weapons handed in Credit: PA

Each of them has been examined and made safe by trained firearms officers.

The surrender was launched as an opportunity for those whose licence had lapsed or who do not hold a license to dispose of their weapons and ammunition safely and without prosecution.

However each weapon may be analysed to determine if it has been used in crime and, if it has, it will be investigated.

The surrender has led to more than 300 firearms being taken out of circulation and although there's no suggestion that any were involved in crime, all of them had the potential to be dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands. I am grateful to all those who handed in firearms and ammunition. They have helped us make Sussex and Surrey even safer by reducing the chance of criminals getting their hands on weapons."

– Chief Superintendent Paul Morrison


Weapons found dumped in pond in Worthing

More than 800 objects - including guns, knives and jewellery - have been found dumped in a pond in West Sussex.

Police believe they may have been stolen or used by criminals.

The discovery was made by a dog walker in Longcroft Park on the edge of Worthing,

The weapons and personal belongings are now being examined to establish where they came from. Malcolm Shaw reports.

Weapons discovered in Worthing pond

Police are hoping to reunite burglary victims with their possessions after finding hundreds hidden in a pond in Worthing.

Officers from Sussex Police's specialist search unit have recovered more than 850 items that are believed to have been stolen in burglaries in the county.

Among the items recovered have been necklaces, brooches, rings and trinkets.

Police are hoping to reunite these items to their owners Credit: Sussex Police

There are also handguns, a machete and knives in the haul that are being examined to see if they are linked to any other crimes.

The search was carried out after a dog that left its owner and jumped into the pond in Whitebeam Wood, Durrington, emerged with a jacket and some cufflinks on 23 July.

The recovered items have been cleaned and examined but officers have been unable to identify who many of them belong to.

If they have been stolen, they can be returned to their owners and officers may be given more evidence that could help catch and prosecute those responsible for taking them.

"Many of these items are not particularly expensive but could hold great personal value to the owners. We have already identified some of the items as having been stolen in burglaries in Sussex but we want to find out who owns the rest of them. If you recognise any of the items, or think some could belong to you, please get in touch with us."

– Detective Constable Emma Fields

Knives, meat cleavers & an axe seized from schools

Weapons like knives, meat cleavers - even an axe - have been seized in schools across the region over the last three years. Tonight we can exclusively reveal how police have dealt with dozens of offences involving weapons in schools - with children as young as 13 being arrested.

Hundreds of pupils have also been excluded. It comes after a teacher was stabbed to death at a school in Yorkshire.

Sarah Cooper has been to meet Rhyce Pope, who left the Oasis Academy on the Isle of Sheppey, who's been home-schooled for the last nine months, because he was too scared to go back into the classroom.


Army of weapons seized at Heathrow

A man has been arrested after Border Force officers at Heathrow Airport seized an array of weapons, including stun guns and flick knives.

Officers carrying out customs checks in Terminal 3 on Tuesday 28 January made the discovery in an item of luggage.

Three stun guns, a throwing star, two knuckledusters, an extendable baton, a pair of nun-chucks and two flick knives were recovered.

A 57-year-old man from the Cockett area of Swansea, who had just arrived on a flight from Bangkok in Thailand, was arrested.

He was interviewed by officers from the National Crime Agency’s Border Policing Command and bailed pending further investigation until April.

In the wrong hands these items could be potentially lethal, which is why the controls on bringing them into the UK are so strict. Although items like stun guns and knives are more readily available in some countries we would urge people to think twice before attempting to bring them back into the UK. Border Force officers are on constant alert to stop offensive weapons entering the UK. The penalties for smuggling can be severe and ignorance of the law is not an excuse."

– Marc Owen, Border Force Heathrow Director