Arun valley

Arun valley flooding in pictures

New photos taken by the Environment Agency show the scale of the flooding in the Arun valley south of Pulborough.

People washing up

Protest: Adult social care cuts

Protests have been staged over cuts in adult social care, ahead of a debate on the issue by West Sussex Country Council.

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Water tornado spotted in Sussex

The unusual weather was seen over Selsey at the weekend Credit: ITV Meridian

The water tornado that was seen over Sussex at the weekend was an unusual sight for residents.

Just as the name implies, tornadic waterspouts start as tornadoes do, from intense, rotating thunderstorms and generally happen in warm temperatures with high humidity.

The water tornado seen in the sky above Selsey Credit: ITV Meridian

Waterspout 'tornado' swept along West Sussex coast


Thank you to Dawn Kee for this photo of a waterspout taken in Selsey, West Sussex a short time ago.



Goodwood Festival of Speed continues until Sunday

Goodwood Festival of Speed is underway

The annual Goodwood Festival of Speed continues in earnest today at Goodwood House in West Sussex. This year's centrepiece is a sculpture celebrating 120 years of Mercedes Benz involvement in motor sport.

Sculpture celebrating one hundred and twenty years of Mercedes Benz

Visitors on Friday will have the chance to watch drivers try out the hill climb.

Mother & daughter struggling in sea rescued by RNLI

RNLI lifeguards in Littlehampton have carried out their first rescue of the season today. A mother and daughter - both adults - were struggling with their inflatable in a strong offshore breeze off Littlehampton East beach in West Sussex.

RNLI lifeguard Brittany Jones, spotted the two women and paddeled out to them using her rescue board. She then helped them to keep afloat until ifeguards from Littlehampton West Tim Walton and Dan Seagrove Castle were able to launch the inshore rescue boat to bring them all safely to shore.

RNLI lifeguards will patrol the beaches at Littlehampton until 7 September.

‘It was a busy day on the beach, but I spotted the two women just outside of the lifeguard zone and they looked like they were having trouble getting back to shore.

‘It’s situations like this where your training really kicks in. Thankfully, it was a happy ending, but we would advise all those visiting a beach to stay in an area where the lifeguards can see you, and if in danger, call for help immediately.’

– Brittany Jones, RNLI lifeguard
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