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Sharks meet fish for first time!

Three blacknose sharks that were born in captivity - have seen fish for the first time! They were introduced to a reef display tank at Weymouth Sea Life Park on Monday. They were born in the United States, where they were kept in a quarantine tank.

The species is considered 'near-threatened' in the wild. The park hopes that the sharks' appearance will help raise awareness of the threats faced by all shark species and increase support for conservation.

Talking about her three new charges, Curator Fiona Smith said: "They were born in captivity in the US and from birth were kept in a quarantine tank with just each other for company. They have that classic sleek silvery profile most people expect sharks to have, but are no threat to humans.

"We're really excited to be giving these three their public debut here in Weymouth and they look fantastic... They have spent the last few months in another quarantine tank at Weymouth, so were probably convinced it was just them and a few kindly humans in the whole world."