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Donors save White Cliffs of Dover

A donation from the Port of Dover will help secure the future of the White Cliffs Credit: PA

A £1.2m appeal to safeguard the White Cliffs of Dover has been successful, the National Trust has announced. The trust said it has raised the money needed to buy a stretch of the chalk cliffs - nearly two months earlier than expected.

The purchase of the 0.8 miles of land will fill in the missing link in a stretch of coastline almost five miles long, from the trust's visitor centre above Dover port to South Foreland lighthouse. More than 16,000 people and celebrities including Dame Judi Dench have backed the appeal.

A significant donation from the Dover Harbour Board helped the trust achieve its goal earlier than expected.


The White Cliff's poetic story

The White Cliffs of Dover are to be given their own writer in residence.

Poet Julian Baggini from Folkestone is working with the National Trust to explore the area's history through verse.

"For millions of Britons living across the world, the white cliffs is a clear symbol of Britain, in much the same way that the Statue of Liberty has defined America. Even if we've never been to or seen the white cliffs of Dover, there is a collective sense that they matter. I want to get a real sense of what the white cliffs of Dover mean for British people, including those for whom the cliffs were the first sight of the country which would become their adopted home."

– Julian Baggini