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Oyster festival underway ahead of royal visit

catch of oysters at the start of the Oyster Festival in Whitstable, Kent. Credit: Press Association Images

The Whitstable Oyster Festival got underway today with hundreds of people sampling the town's most famous export. The festival lasts for seven days and organisers will greet Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall on Monday during a visit to the harbour in Kent.

The festival has been running since 1985, but the cultivation of oysters in the area began during the Roman occupation.


Business is booming as the hot weather continues

Temperatures have continued to rise this weekend, reaching almost thirty degrees centigrade in parts of the South. And with the warmer weather comes a boom in businesses for some of our coastal resorts. Andrea Thomas has been to one town in Kent to gauge the 'sunshine effect'.

She spoke to Derick West, a retired fisherman, Brian Hitcham from the Whitstable & District Chamber of Commerce and some very happy day-trippers.

Man missing from ferry - police appeal

Richard Fearnside Credit: Kent Police

An appeal has been made for a Whitstable area man reported missing after travelling on a Channel ferry.

Richard Fearnside, 30, was last seen on the P&O Pride of Kent ferry crossing from Calais to Dover.

The alarm was raised while passengers and vehicles were disembarking from the ferry, after it docked in Dover early on Tuesday, May 21st.

The ferry was searched but there was no sign of Richard.

Mr Fearnside is described as white, slim, 5ft 8in with short, cropped, mousey coloured hair. When last seen he was wearing a black hooded top, blue t shirt, blue jeans and black and white trainers.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to contact Det Sgnt Richard Lown on 101.

Confusion in town where homes have six bins each

A new recycling scheme is causing some confusion in Kent. Homeowners in Whitstable now have six different types of dustbin to take away their waste.

The high number of bins is part of a recycling initiative. Although collections take place on Tuesday, different materials are emptied each week.

The local authority said it is trying to stop useful waste that can be recycled being sent to landfill sites. However the new way of doing things is causing some confusion for residents.


Memories of Peter Cushing

He was one of our most famous actors. He was a vampire hunter - and the sinister Baron Frankenstein. We are, of course, talking about Peter Cushing. The actor was much loved by generations of horror - and fantasy - film fans - and now an exhibition has opened in his home town.

It reveals some of his talents - away from the big screen - as Tom Savvides reports.

Fishermen in fight over conservation zone

Fishermen in Whitstable Credit: PA

Hundreds of fishermen say they are fighting for their livelihoods today. They say a proposed fishing ban to preserve stocks would be disastrous for the east Kent fleet.

The Government plans to turn Kent's most important fishing ground into a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ).

Fishermen say the move would deliver a "killer blow" to 100-plus fishing boats at Folkestone, Hythe, Whitstable and Dungeness.

Environmentalists, however, say the zones are necessary to preserve fish and sea creature habitats.

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Archbishop's story to be told in etched glass

The story of one of Canterbury's former archbishops is to be etched onto glass. St Alphege was martyred a thousand years ago after the Danes invaded and stormed Canterbury. A new memorial is planned for the church in Whitstable which bears his name.

Twelve, one metre-high glass panes are to be etched with the key events in the saint's life and death.

In his report David Johns spoke to Rachel Webbley, Vicar of St Alphege Church; Sonia McNally, the artist; Hilary Powell, a medieval historian; and Jon Scott, a jogger who is one of the models featuring in the artwork.

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