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Confusion in town where homes have six bins each

A new recycling scheme is causing some confusion in Kent. Homeowners in Whitstable now have six different types of dustbin to take away their waste.

The high number of bins is part of a recycling initiative. Although collections take place on Tuesday, different materials are emptied each week.

The local authority said it is trying to stop useful waste that can be recycled being sent to landfill sites. However the new way of doing things is causing some confusion for residents.


Memories of Peter Cushing

He was one of our most famous actors. He was a vampire hunter - and the sinister Baron Frankenstein. We are, of course, talking about Peter Cushing. The actor was much loved by generations of horror - and fantasy - film fans - and now an exhibition has opened in his home town.

It reveals some of his talents - away from the big screen - as Tom Savvides reports.

Fishermen in fight over conservation zone

Fishermen in Whitstable Credit: PA

Hundreds of fishermen say they are fighting for their livelihoods today. They say a proposed fishing ban to preserve stocks would be disastrous for the east Kent fleet.

The Government plans to turn Kent's most important fishing ground into a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ).

Fishermen say the move would deliver a "killer blow" to 100-plus fishing boats at Folkestone, Hythe, Whitstable and Dungeness.

Environmentalists, however, say the zones are necessary to preserve fish and sea creature habitats.

Archbishop's story to be told in etched glass

by David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

The story of one of Canterbury's former archbishops is to be etched onto glass. St Alphege was martyred a thousand years ago after the Danes invaded and stormed Canterbury. A new memorial is planned for the church in Whitstable which bears his name.

Twelve, one metre-high glass panes are to be etched with the key events in the saint's life and death.

In his report David Johns spoke to Rachel Webbley, Vicar of St Alphege Church; Sonia McNally, the artist; Hilary Powell, a medieval historian; and Jon Scott, a jogger who is one of the models featuring in the artwork.


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