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Hundreds of officers carry out drugs raid in Swindon

Drugs officers have carried out Wiltshire Police's biggest set of raids in the force's history.

They planned to execute warrants at 60 addressed in Swindon.

The operation follows a major crack down on Class A drugs in the town, with months of undercover work being done.

More than 400 officers were involved in the raids, with the main aim to try and seize heroine and crack cocaine.

The former air base was used as a temporary headquarters for the raids.

Officers gather at hangar RAF Lyneham for the drugs raid breifing Credit: ITV News


Police warn about carrying sharp items

Police are warning people about carrying small items that could be seen as a dangerous weapon.

It comes after a 21-year-old man was given a fine of £175 after police found he was carrying a small knife on a keyring.

The knife was under 3 inches long but it was said to be dangerous enough that the male was charged with possessing a knife blade or sharp pointed article in a public place.

PC George Rabczak at Wiltshire Police said, "The male argued that the knife was under three inches and could not do any damage.

"This is clearly not the case as the sharp-pointed tip and jagged edge could cause serious injuries if used in a violent manner.

"I would urge anyone to think carefully about what they carry in public as anything which could be used to cause harm could result in you getting arrested and charged."

Police back national alcohol campaign

Wiltshire Police are supporting alcohol harm week, which will raise awareness of alcohol-related incidents this week.

From Wednesday to Sunday the initiative will see forces throughout the country taking part in a host of proactive activities to tackle this issue.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams throughout Wiltshire will be engaging in a variety of activities including school visits, Pubwatch meetings, taxi operations and high visibility patrols.

Police will also be working with partner organisations such as Wiltshire Council and Fire and Rescue Service to highlight the issues.

People all too easily forget the risks that come with drinking to excess. If you can’t think clearly you make yourself more vulnerable, are more likely to become a victim of crime and are more likely to be injured or involved in violence. Nationally, nearly 50% of violent crime is alcohol related and in nearly half of all domestic abuse incidents the offenders are thought to be under the influence of alcohol."

– Paul Mills, Chief Superintendent, Head of Local Policing

Cash boost for anti-crime projects

Police on patrol in Wiltshire Credit: Wiltshire Police

Twelve Wiltshire projects to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, as well as supporting victims, are being awarded grants totalling nearly £400,000 in the first round of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s £1m Innovation Fund.

The projects include support for teenage abuse victims, mentoring for those leaving prison after short-term sentences and a mobile youth van in Swindon.

Those receiving funding: The Centre for Justice Innovation, Doorway Wiltshire, Salisbury Street Pastors, Splash, Swindon Advocacy Movement, Swindon Women’s Aid, Trowbridge Community Area Future, Unchosen Swindon, Victim Support, Wiltshire Police Outbox scheme and Wiltshire Probation Trust.

Drugs warning after man left 'fighting for life'

A photo of the tablet believed to have been taken by the man. Credit: Wiltshire Police

Wiltshire Police has issued an urgent warning about the dangers of illegal drugs after a 23-year-old man was left fighting for his life.

The man, from Swindon, is in a critical condition after he consumed a small green pill with a dollar sign on it, officers believe.

Forensic tests are being done on the tablet to find out what type of drug it is.

Det Insp Lisa Clarke said: “What is really disturbing in this case is the sheer pace at which this man’s health declined.

“His temperature was extremely high so paramedics rushed him to hospital, where he is now critically ill.

“I would urge everyone to steer clear of illegal drugs of every variety but it seems this incident might be linked to a specific drug – a small green pill which has a dollar sign on it.

"I am concerned that there may be a quantity of contaminated illegal drugs in our communities which, if unchecked, could result in further illness.

“If anyone has taken this drug in the last few days, we would urge that you seek immediate medical attention and anyone with information as to where it is being sold should contact us straight away. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Wiltshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 111555.


Thief who stole milk from nursery makes donation

A Trowbridge nursery has gained a welcome donation from a milk thief who didn't realise it was small children that his actions were affecting.The man in his mid forties from Trowbridge was caught by officers stealing milk from outside the nursery this morning.

His arrest follows a number of reports in recent weeks of milk having gone missing from the nursery's twice weekly deliveries.

Following a discussion with staff the matter was resolved by local resolution with the man making a £200 donation to the nursery.

Community Beat Manager Jamie Darvill said:'Local Resolution allows us the discretion to deal with minor offences in a way that recompenses the victim and allows the offender to make a meaningful apology.'

Missing man does not have medication with him

Carl's phone was receiving a signal from a mast in the Deptford area at 2:40pm Credit: Wiltshire Police

Wiltshire Police are continuing to appeal for information regarding the whereabouts of Carl Harris, 43 from Amesbury. Carl was last seen on Platform four of Salisbury Railway Station at 11:05 am on Monday 1st July 2013.

At this stage it is not believed he boarded a train. Carl requires daily medication which he has not taken with him. Police say it is very out of character for him not to have any contact with his family.

Complaints to be reviewed by new PCC appointee

Allan Johns has been appointed as the new independent adjudicator for Wilts Credit: Wiltshire Police

Allan Johns, who lives in the north of the county, has been appointed on a part time basis. If a member of the public makes a complaint to Wiltshire Police and is not satisfied with the way the Force has decided to deal with it they have the right to appeal that decision.

Mr Johns will review these complaint appeals and determining whether the findings and actions by Wiltshire Police should stand or be changed. This was previously carried out by the national Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which now only deals with a very limited number of appeals.

Allan Johns is an emeritus professor at The University of Bath. He has experience in reviewing complaints and appeals as he was chairman of Wiltshire Police Authority's Professional Standards Committee for four years.

New Deputy Chief Constable for Wiltshire announced

New Deputy Chief Constable for Wiltshire - Mike Veale Credit: Wiltshire Police

Wiltshire Police have announced their new Deputy Chief Constable (DCC). Mike Veale, who has been the temporary DCC for almost a year is the winning candidate. He said:

“I am really proud and privileged to have been selected. I do not underestimate the significant responsibility this exciting and challenging role brings.

“The force continues to be one of the top performers in the country, not only in terms of reducing crime and anti social behaviour but also being one of the least costly and providing value for money.

“The force priorities over the coming months are to maintain that success, continue to prevent crime, protect the most vulnerable in society and improve the high quality service we provide to local communities.

“We will build on the continued support of the people who live and work in Wiltshire and listen to their views so that we are able to tailor the service to meets their needs and expectations.

“I would also like to pay tribute to our officers and staff who remain dedicated to public service and, despite some of the daily challenges they face, continue to be selfless in their endeavours to keep people safe.

“Leadership is made slightly less challenging when you are amongst so many who are so courageous and committed to their local communities.”

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