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PM at B&Q in Eastleigh: 'We don't want a DIY recession'

David Cameron talks to B&Q workers at their HQ in Chandler's Ford Credit: ITV

"As I stand here in B&Q it would be a DIY recession" - The words of the Prime Minister as he spoke in Hampshire today, exactly a month before the EU Referendum.

David Cameron and George Osborne were visiting B and Q headquarters to warn more than eight hundred thousand jobs could be lost if the UK exits the EU .

Here's a video clip of some of the main parts of his speech:

But the Brexit Campaign says we can flourish outside the EU and disputes some of the Prime Minister's assessment.

Former Tory Leader, Iain Duncan Smith says a number of economists don't agree with the report and the Treasury has looked at the "very worst possibilties."


How low can you go? Thieves steal dog food from animal charity

Thieves stole dog food worth £300 Credit: SN Dogs

Callous thieves have stolen £300 worth of dog food from an animal CHARITY.

Police were called to Saving Needy Dogs in Swindon after offenders broke into a shed in the Pinehurst area and stole 10 20kg bags of dry dog food.

Enquiries are being carried out into the incident and police would like to hear from anyone who may have seen anyone acting suspiciously in the general area of Pinehurst between the 17th and 19th of May.

This charity does a lot of good work helping abandoned dogs find loving homes in the local area, which makes this crime even more upsetting. It has no doubt had a big impact on those who are involved in the charity's work and I would like to appeal to anyone who has information on who may be responsible to call police immediately.

"Approximately 10 large bags of dog food were stolen during the incident therefore I am sure that somebody would have heard or seen something."

– Wiltshire Police spokesman

The charity has written about the upsetting incident on its website

They've also thanked the many people who've shown them support on their Facebook page.

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