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World's largest Lego wind turbine unveiled in Brighton

The world's largest wind turbine made out of lego has been moved to Brighton.

Made with more than 146,000 bricks the structure took 600 man hours to complete.

The turbine will be at its new home at Brighton Marina until early 2018.

From its new location, visitors can see the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm.

When it's completed it will have 116 wind turbines, each 140 metres tall.

Once it's fully operational next year, it could power almost 350,000 homes in Sussex.

  1. Tom Savvides

Final wind turbines are installed

The final turbines are being installed at an offshore windfarm in the Thames Estuary. Phase two of the Kentish Flats scheme off the coast near Whitstable is almost complete. A total of forty five wind turbines could power seventy five thousand homes each year. Tom Savvides talks to project director Matthew Green and Gunnar Groebler from the company Vattenfall.



Hundreds of jobs for Kent

wind turbines in the UK Credit: PA Images

Plans for a massive wind-turbine factory, creating 16 hundred jobs, have been given approval. It's the latest development in what has been a momentous week for the economy of Kent.

Danish firm Vestas, the world's biggest producer of wind turbines, plans to build the plant - the size of 93 football pitches - at the Port of Sheerness.

It's a welcome boost for the Isle of Sheppey, which has been hit by the loss of several major employers, and it follows news of potential massive investment in Kent by the nuclear power industry.