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Sentence increase for woman who killed her baby son

A mum from Windsor who continually abused her baby ending in his death, had four years added to her prison sentence today by the Court of Appeal. The original sentence of 14 years was described as too lenient after she left her 11-month-old son with bruising and broken bones before he died.

Cary Johnston has this report.

Sentence increase for mum who killed her baby

The Court of Appeal has increased the minimum sentence of a Windsor mother who was convicted of murdering her own child.

Emma Wilson was jailed for life, and told she would serve a minimum of fourteen years after inflicting fatal injuries to her eleven month old baby, Callum.

However, the Attorney General referred the case, as being potentially unduly lenient.

She will now serve a minimum of seventeen years.


14-year jail sentence for killing baby son is "too lenient"

Emma Wilson was jailed for 14 years for the murder of her son Callum, who was just 11 months old.

Today, the Attorney General is appealing her sentence at the Court of Appeal in London, saying it was "too lenient."

Emma Wilson is to appeal against her 14 year jail sentence for killing her son

She was sentenced to life, serving a minimum of 14 years in jail in January this year.

Callum died of an "unsurvivable brain injury."

Baby Callum died of an "unsurvivable brain injury"

He had spent the first months of his life in foster care before being returned to his natural mother Emma.

A review into his death last month said more could have been done to save him.


Irish President praises 'warm friendship' with UK

Irish president Michael Higgins addresses Parliament

Ireland's President Michael Higgins today praised the "warm friendship" with the UK as he became the first Irish head of state to address the House of Parliament.

Foreign Secretary William Hague shares a joke with Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and David Cameron before Michael Higgins' speech

Mr Higgins said the links between the two countries were now "strong and resolute" and there was now "mutual respect" despite historical differences.


Queen and Irish President view Royal collection

The Queen and the Irish President Micheal D Higgens have been viewing Irish items in the Royal collection in Windsor as part of the historic state visit.


President Higgins & Queen Elizabeth view Irish items in Royal collection in Windsor #IrishStateVisit http://t.co/tklPQfiM1t


President Higgins will address the Houses of Parliament later this afternoon, before the royal banquet this evening.

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Queen and President observe Irish anthem at Windsor

The Queen and the President of Ireland stood side by side to observe the Irish Anthem being played by a military band in Windsor, during the first visit to the UK by an Irish head of state.

More: Queen greets Irish President at Windsor Castle

The anthem was played after the President Higgins and Michael Higgins were honoured with two separate gun salutes, and Mr Higgins and Philip inspected troops of the Queen's Company, Genadier Guards.

Major Andrew Seddon, captain of the Queen's Company Grenadier Guards, invited Mr Higgins to inspect the guard of honour, speaking to him in Irish. The Irish Guards was represented by their regimental band as the troops are currently on peacekeeping duties in Cyprus.

President Higgins presented a new ceremonial red coat to its regimental mascot, an Irish wolfhound called Domhnall of Shantamon.

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Queen greets Irish President at Windsor Castle

The President and the Prince of Wales entering Windsor. Credit: ITV News
The Queen and the Irish President Higgins
The Queen and the Irish President Higgins Credit: ITV News
The Queen and the Irish President Higgins Credit: ITV News
The Queen greets Mrs Higgins. Credit: ITV News
The President and the Queen meet officials at Windsor Castle. Credit: ITV News

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