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Queen greets Irish President at Windsor Castle

The President and the Prince of Wales entering Windsor. Credit: ITV News
The Queen and the Irish President Higgins Credit: ITV News
The Queen and the Irish President Higgins Credit: ITV News
The Queen greets Mrs Higgins. Credit: ITV News
The President and the Queen meet officials at Windsor Castle. Credit: ITV News


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Irish flag hangs outside Windsor Castle as crowds gather

The Irish flag is hanging outside Windsor Castle as the Queen prepares to welcome the Irish President for the first state visit in history.

The Irish flag hangs outside Windsor Castle as crowds begin to form. Credit: ITV News

Crowds have started to gather along the route, ahead of Micheal D Higgins' momentous meeting with the Queen.

Although President Higgins has travelled to events in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Scotland last year, these were not official visits.

Crowds have already started to gather at Windsor ahead of today's state visit. Credit: ITV news

Today's ceremonial visit will begin at the Irish Embassy, when the Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall will greet The President and Mrs Higgins, on behalf on the Queen.

They will then journey together to Windsor.

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Irish President: Visit is not about 'wiping the slate clean'

Irish President Michael D Higgins said today's historic state visit to the UK was not about "forgetting the past" or "wiping the slate clean" but about focusing on the present and building future relations. It is the first official state visit from Ireland to its former colonial ruler.

Irish President Michael D Higgins receiving a military welcome yesterday. Credit: Press Association

Speaking to Irish state broadcaster RTE he said progress should not be about forgetting the past.

"The challenge is to hand to a future generation all of the prospects of the future. You are not inviting them to an amnesia about any deep dispute.

"There are a lot of very difficult memories and it would be to my mind wrong to suggest to anyone that you should as it were, wipe the slate clean."

The President will be joined on the trip by Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Foreign Affairs Minister Eamon Gilmore.

Historic state visit by the Irish President to Windsor

Michael Higgins, the Irish President, will visit Windsor Castle Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

It's an historic day for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh today in Windsor.

They are due to meet the Irish President Michael Higgins.

There will be a traditional carriage procession through the streets to reach the castle.

Prince Philip meets Windsor sea cadets

Prince Philip meets sea cadets in Windsor this afternoon Credit: ITV Meridian

Prince Philip has met dozens of enthusiastic sea cadets in Windsor today.

It's part of his visit to the training ship Windsor Castle in Stovell Road - which is holding an open day.

The Duke of Edinburgh has been meeting sea cadets in Windsor Credit: ITV Meridian


Prince Philip in Windsor to meet sea cadets later today

The Duke of Edinburgh is due to meet sea cadets in Windsor today.

He will visit the training ship Windsor Castle in Stovell Road, which is hosting an open day.

It is the oldest unit in the Sea Cadets Corps and was established back in 1899.

The Duke of Edinburgh will meet sea cadets in Windsor Credit: ITV Meridian

"Missed opportunities" to stop mother murdering baby

Video. "A catalogue of errors and missed opportunities." That was the damning verdict of a serious case review today, into the death of an 11-month old baby, murdered by the person who should have protected him the most.

Callum Wilson had spent the first months of his life in foster care before being returned to his natural mother Emma. She was sentenced to life for his murder two months ago.

The review said more could have been done to save him. Windsor and Maidenhead Council apologised for what happened.

Cary Johnston reports, and spoke to Alison Alexander from Children's Services at Windsor and Maidenhead Council.

Baby Callum's death "could have been prevented"

The serious case review into the death of 11-month-old Callum Wilson, who died at the hands of his mother, concluded if action had been taken, his death would likely have been prevented.

11-month-old Callum Wilson died of an "unsurvivable brain injury"

The 185-page report said that little or no action was taken, despite scratches and bruises on baby Callum being identified by a social worker, a health visitor, a children's centre and even Callum's GP.

The report was prepared for the Windsor and Maidenhead Local Safeguarding Children Board.

Two months ago, his mother Emma Wilson was sentenced to life in prison for his murder.

Callum had spent the first few months of his life with foster parents, before being returned to his natural mother.

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