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Fancy a taste of one of the world's most expensive wines?

£17,000 - that's the cost of a bottle of 2009 red burgundy in one of the most valuable wine cellars in the world.

It's also possibly one of the biggest cellars, containing millions of bottles from all over the world.

Kerry Swain went for an exclusive look around and speaks to Keith Procter of Berry Bros & Rudd, and Alan Poole, site manager.


EU challenge to wine ruling

An EU ruling, which has forced a Kentish wine producer to rename one of its products as "a fruit-based alcoholic beverage", is to be questioned in the European Parliament today.

South-East MEP Nigel Farage will challenge the legislators as to why Chapel Down Vineyard can't use the description "Kent Malbec" when the grapes used were imported from Argentina. The EU guidelines say the grapes must have been grown in the UK.

The wine, called "An English Salute", was to be launched on Tuesday 17 April (World Malbec Day) but the producer has been told it can't even sell the bottles already made because of the labeling.