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The Dambusters: Fred meets a wartime legend

Next month we'll be marking one of the most famous raids in wartime history and a group of legendary airmen known as The Dambusters.

In 1943 this specially-formed unit under commander Guy Gibson attacked a series of dams in Germany in a bid to cripple the Nazi war effort, using an ingenious bomb designed to bounce along the water - a bomb tested off the coast of Kent and Dorset.

Well 70 years on there are only three Dambusters still surviving and only one in this country. His name is George ''Johnny'' Johnson.

Review into Arctic medals

The government has commissioned a new review into the rules surrounding the awarding of military medals. It gives hope to hundreds of veterans from South who may finally be awarded medals for their campaigns in the Arctic during the Second World War. The review will be chaired by Sir John Holmes.

“I am honoured to have been asked to take on this review and look forward to talking to all interested parties on what are sensitive and important issues.

– Sir John Holmes