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Hedgehog rescued from plastic beer can ring

The trapped hedgehog was found in Hampden Park, Eastbourne Credit: WRAS

A young hedgehog has been rescued after being found with a plastic beer can ring stuck round its body.

He was spotted by a dog walker in Eastbourne's Hampden Park. Wildlife experts managed to remove the plastic ring and the hedgehog is now being cared for at a rescue centre.

"The hedgehog was young, had flies buzzing round him, and had a plastic beer can ring tightly round its body digging into the skin. You could smell the infection so clearly the ring had been stuck there for quite a while. We were able to give emergency medication out on site with veterinary authorisation, and cut the ring off the hedgehog whilst trying to keep the flies away".

– Trevor Weeks, WRAS

Hedgehog entangled in tree decoration

An 186g hedgehog was to Henley House Vets in Uckfield after becoming entangled in a Christmas tree decoration.

Veterinary Nurse Jenny Pike RVN and Vet Chris Hall MRCVS attended to the her. She was given an general anaesthetic in order to clean and treat her wounds better.

I have never seen such an unusual cause of a ligature wound and pressure necrosis on a wild animal before. We see similar wounds caused by elastic bands, snares and netting but not caused by a Christmas bauble before."

– Trevor Weeks, founder of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service

The hedgehog now named “Izzy” after being found at Isfield, has been admitted to the service's casualty care centre at Whitesmith. She will need daily monitoring and her wounds cleaning. Staff hope she is strong enough to survive the treatment and that they can control the infection.


Rescuers thank vigilant pub-goers

A wildlife ambulance was called to a pub in Isfield, Sussex to rescue an injured hedgehog. It was on site within 30 minutes, where rescuers then assessed the hedgehog’s condition. explained Kathy Martyn, WRAS rescuer and carer.

At first it looked like there was a crab apple of something stuck on the hedgehog’s spines, but on closer inspection you could see it was plastic and attached. Trevor and I soon found that the object was a Christmas bauble with a hanging loop for attaching to Christmas trees, which was caught round her body.

– Kathy Martyn, WRAS rescuer and carer

The loop of the bauble went across the back and under her belly and was embedded into the body through various scabs and wounds.

You could smell the infection and obviously the hedgehog had got her head and left leg through the loop when she was much smaller and as she had grown the loop became more and more tight. This would have eventually killed the baby hedgehog if it had been left so was extremely lucky to have been found and saved thanks to the observant staff at the Laughing Fish Pub."

– Trevor Weeks, founder of East Sussex WRAS

Baby hedgehog injured by Xmas decoration

A baby hedgehog had to be rescued after it was found with a Christmas decoration stuck around its body at Isfield in East Sussex.

Volunteer rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called out by staff at the Laughing Fish Pub after discovering a baby hedgehog in distress.

The call was received at 10.30am and the caller reported finding a small hedgehog with a piece of plastic stuck on its back and clearly in distress."

– Trevor Weeks, founder of East Sussex WRAS


Animal ambulance in drugs 'hold-up' - police statement

The driver of a wildlife rescue ambulance was brought to a stop near Uckfield and then assaulted by a man who demanded drugs.

The ambulance was being driven along the A22 near Palesgate Common at around 11pm on Monday when it was overtaken by a dark coloured, older style, hatchback.

It slowed down and put on hazard lights bringing the ambulance to a standstill. Thinking that something was wrong, wildlife rescue volunteer Trevor Weeks got out of his vehicle, but was then assaulted and asked to handover drugs from the vehicle.

However, the wildlife rescue ambulance does not carry drugs or medical supplies.

This would appear to be an opportunist and very unusual attack, which has obviously left the victim very shaken.

"We would like to hear from anyone who may have seen the two vehicles in the Palesgate Common area on Monday evening, either driving or at a stop by the roadside. Please call Sussex Police on 101 quoting serial 1861 of 15/10."

– Det Sgnt Julie Dow