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Fresh flooding expected for the next 24 hours

Our Correspondent Derek Johnson has been live in Yalding in Kent which has seen many homes evacuated once again today because of further flooding.

The Environment Agency is warning tonight that Maidstone, Tonbridge and Yalding could see fresh flooding over the next 24 hours as the worst storm of the winter is moving in.


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Yalding clears up - and braces for more flooding

High winds and heavy rain for much of New Years Day, and the prospect of more of the same tonight and tomorrow, mean that has been little respite for communities deluged by the Christmas storms.

Today the Environment Agency issued a flood warning for the River Beult in the Weald of Kent - and high levels on the river are a real worry for Yalding. There the Beult, the Teise and the Medway all meet.

The clear up's been continuing all day in Yalding - with sandbags at the ready for the latest storms. David Johns has our report, speaking to local residents William Gudgeon and Liz Van Mol; Andrew Graham from the Environment Agency; and local resident Matt Miller.

Canoeists to the rescue...

It's emerged that a dedicated team of canoeists risked their own safety to rescue more than 20 people trapped in their homes during flooding last week.

They were on the scene in Yalding, Kent, before the emergency services - and captured on camera the dramatic moment the waters rose.

John Ryall spoke to hero Sea Scout Joseph Wilson, his father Symon Wilson and canoeist John Lengthorn.


Improved services after David Cameron confrontation

The angry woman who confronted Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday said council services have since improved at her storm-hit village.

Erica Olivares from Yalding in Kent said after the public confrontation with Mr Cameron, rubbish has been collected, street cleaners have been seen in the village and a van with hot food and drink for residents has arrived. She's also been told electricity will return to the village later today.

The video includes an interview with Ms Olivares and part of yesterday's confrontation with Mr Cameron.

Maidstone council criticised over flood defences

Villagers in Kent have criticised Maidstone council over their lack of flood defences following the damage caused to local homes by the storm.

Yalding resident, Erica Olivares, said that her local council had done nothing to help those with severely damaged homes.

In a heated on-camera exchange with the PM, she said: "We still have no electric. We need electric. As I say the council, from Monday we have been trying to contact them, but they have all decided to go on their holidays. Nothing."

It would be nice to have extra money from central government to build someproper flood defences for this part of the country and the county of Kent. This area here in Yalding is very prone to flooding. This is certainly the worst flood that's been in this area for some 30 to 40 years but it does happen far too frequently. The big issue is there needs to be better flood defences built for this part of the Medway river because it's prone to flooding. I think everybody has done everything that they possibly could do to help and support the residents."

– Paul Carter, Kent County Council leader

Cameron's visit to the village where flood damage is 'running into the millions'

David Cameron speaks to villagers in Yalding, Kent Credit: PA Images

When David Cameron visited a flooded Kent village, he didn't expect to come face-to-face with an angry woman who'd been forced out of her home.

In a heated on-camera exchange with the Prime Minister, the unnamed woman said she had been left stranded with no electricity - and efforts to contact her local council in Yalding had been unsuccessful.

Well, today, her local parish council had its say, too.

The Prime Minister chats to villages in Yalding Credit: PA Images

Chairman of Yalding Parish Council Geraldine Brown said residents relied on Sea Scouts with canoes to be rescued.

She said £12 million of damage had been done in Yalding alone, adding that she had asked Mr Cameron for £20,000 for a barrier for the River Beult, a tributary of the River Medway, which runs through the village, to stop future flooding.

David Cameron talks to Environment Agency workers in Yalding Credit: PA Images

Ms Brown said: "We have an emergency plan which went in to action and worked brilliantly. We went knocking on people's doors on Christmas Eve, warning people that this was going to happen, but some people stayed where they were.

"With a flood this size sandbags don't do anything. We could have perhaps had Kent Fire and Rescue a little earlier but you have to remember it is a huge, huge area and we are just one of those areas."

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