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Lucky escape after train hits rubble on track

Rail passengers had a lucky escape after a train crashed into piles of rubble on the Great Western mainline near Bedwyn last night.

The packed express came to a halt and was stranded for around three hours before the line was cleared.

None of the hundreds of people on the train were hurt.

Delays at Bedwyn station after the rubble on the track Credit: @dangilby

A lorry is thought to have struck a bridge over the railway at Oak Hill near Froxfield.

The train then hit the entire bridge wall which was thrown onto the track and buses and taxis were laid on to take passengers home.

First Great Western has confirmed that its 1634 Paddington-Penzance service hit debris from a road bridge between Hungerford and Bedwyn at around 1725 this evening (Sunday, 22 February). The bridge had been hit by a road vehicle shortly beforehand. No passengers were injured, but the train was unable to be moved until around 2200 while safety checks were carried out on both the train and bridge.

– First Great Western Statement


Travel update: Delays through Wimbledon

South West Trains services running through Wimbledon have been disrupted due to a signalling problem,. Delays are expected until at least 10am.


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