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HS2 exhibitions will be held this weekend

Exhibitions will open this weekend Credit: ITV

The first of a series of public exhibitions about HS2 opens this weekend. They'll be designed to update people living along the route in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The controversial high-speed service would cut through the Thames Valley, linking the capital to the Midlands and beyond.


Climate change means more time in the sky for aircraft

Aircraft flying between Europe and North America will spend more time in the air due to the effects of climate change.

That's according to a new study by the University of Reading. Researchers found global warming is likely to speed up the jet stream and slow down aeroplanes heading for the US.

So, what does that mean for holidaymakers? And the cost of flights? Natalie Boare explains.


Woman, 24, in hospital after bus crash

A woman, injured in a crash involving a bus, is now being treated in hospital.

The vehicle collided with a car on the A272 between Rogate and Petersfield, just before eight o'clock this morning. None of the thirteen children or the coach driver was hurt.

A 24-year-old woman, who was driving a Ford car, was airlifted to Southampton General Hospital with serious leg and head injuries.

School bus crashes on A272

A school bus has been involved in an accident on the A272 near Petersfield.

The accident, involving a Ford Focus, happened on a stretch between Rogate and Petersfield, around 8am.

A female car driver was airlifted to Southampton General Hospital.

Planes will spend 2,000 hours more in air because of climate change - says Reading expert

Credit: PA

A new study by the University of Reading has found that planes flying between Europe and North America will spend more time in the air due to the effects of climate change.

An accelerating jet stream - the high-altitude wind blowing from west to east across the Atlantic - means eastbound flights will travel faster but slow down westbound flights.

It's thought the findings of the study could have major implications for airlines, passengers, and airports.

The study, led by Dr Paul Williams, an atmospheric scientist , calculates that transatlantic aircraft will spend an extra 2,000 hours in the air every year, adding millions of dollars to airline fuel costs and increasing the risk of delays.

The bad news for passengers is that westbound flights will be battling against stronger headwinds. The good news is that eastbound flights will be boosted by stronger tailwinds, but not enough to compensate for the longer westbound journeys. The net result is that roundtrip journeys will significantly lengthen.

– Dr Paul Williams, University of Reading
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