Arun valley

Arun valley flooding in pictures

New photos taken by the Environment Agency show the scale of the flooding in the Arun valley south of Pulborough.

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Woman's terror after she is confronted by burglar

The hot night's mean many homeowners are sleeping with windows open. But now police are warning that that could be an invitation to burlgars or intruders.

In Sussex, three women in the past few days have woken to find intruders in their bedroom. One woman, from Bexhill-on-Sea, has told Meridian she found the experience so terrifiying, she's now thinking of leaving her home.

Watch Nashreen Issa's reports. She spoke to Jane Howden and Detective Sergeant Paul Graham.


Demolition: End of an era for iconic Didcot towers

The iconic cooling towers of Didcot Power Station have been a landmark across Oxfordshire, dominating the skyline for more than 40 years, but this weekend three of them will be demolished.

The towers have been a point of reference for walkers and drivers, and provided jobs and a way of life for many local families since the 1970s.

But new European rules over greenhouse gases which came into force two years ago mean the plant has to be completely demolished by 2016. Juliette Fletcher reports on the end of an era.


Misery for motorists due to major delays on M25


On the M25 anti-clockwise between junctions J20 and J12, there are currently delays of 50 mins due to heavy tra...


Long delays on M25 Dartford Crossing anticlockwise at A282, Dartford River Crossing toll booths. Travel time is around an hour and 10 miNS

Family reaction after arson killer jailed

In a statement read after the sentence today, Shenaz Akhtar, the sister of Anum and Majid, said: "I would like to begin by thanking Allah for allowing justice to be done.

"We would also like to thank Mr Moore, Mr Roakes, Mr Kirby, Mr Storor, Miss Dactler and Mr Jones, the entire TVP team, the CPS, the media and all those who have been involved now and past 17 years.

"It has taken 17 years for Fiaz Munshi to be brought to justice for the killings of Majid and Anum.

"This is despite members of the Oxford community who have known the whereabouts of Fiaz Munshi ever since she fled the UK.

"Finally after 17 years we can now grieve properly and visit Majid and Anums grave together for the first time as a family and first time with our parents.

"This is the happiest day of our lives and we carried on fighting for Majid and Anum who will always remain deep within our hearts."

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