High Sheriff calls for clean-up

The High Sheriff of Kent, Mike Bax, is calling for a clean-up of litter in Kent ahead of the county being used as one of the gateways to the Olympics. He has published the following letter:

The litter on Kent’s rural roads is becoming a negative and noticeably regular topic of conversation around the County. From June onwards, Kent will be one of the gateways to the Olympics and the County owes it to itself to make a serious effort to clean up its act. Natural England has recently reissued the Countryside Code under the slogan Respect – Protect – Enjoy and I think we all need to take the time to remember this.

– Michael Bax, High Sherriff, Kent

The Olympic period will be a wonderful opportunity to practice these principles and one key contributor to the protection of the natural environment is to take our litter home. Not only will picking up litter keep Kent looking beautiful but it will also help remove a dangerous hazard to Kent’s farm animals and wildlife. As High Sherriff of Kent, can I please ask the county to practice these basic principles at every level in the community, both young and old. Kent is a wonderful County – let’s reverse the bad habits of the minority and show our County off to the world.

– Michael Bax, High Sherriff, Kent