Banbury F1 driver still critical

A Formula One car test driver from the Marussia-Cosworth team, who are based in Banbury in Oxfordshire, has suffered serious injuries after crashing during testing .

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Eyewitness account of crash

A Banbury-based racing driver is fighting for her life after a crash on a test track. Maria de Villota, a test driver for the Marussia F1 team, was taken to hospital after her car collided with a lorry at Duxford airfield this morning.

She got into the car, fired it up and did a test run at probably about 200mph in the rain. The car was slightly misfiring but there didn't seem to be any concerns. She came back into the area we were in with the engineers. She slowed down but then suddenly, inexplicably accelerated through the crowd and smashed into the side of the truck. The top of her car and her helmet seemed to take the brunt of it. She didn't move for about 15 minutes. Fire crews were there within seconds and the ambulance within minutes.

– Eyewitness

After a while we thought we saw some movement of her hands but she appeared to be unconscious or unable to move for quite some time.

– Eyewitness

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