Olympic Torch gallery - Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire, Day 52

Cameron and flame
Prime Minister David Cameron watching the Olympic Torch Relay in Woodstock Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire
torch bearer
Torchbearer 094 Clive Stone MBE carrying the Olympic Flame on the Torch Relay near Bicester and Woodstock. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
Cameron and torch
Prime Minister David Cameron watching the Olympic Flame Kiss in Woodstock Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
Torchbearer 078 Gemma Collis carrying the Olympic Flame around the running track of Stoke Mandeville Stadium Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire


Olympic Torch coming your way

The Olympic Flame arrives in the ITV Meridian region on Monday. Thousands of people will welcome the torch bearers as they carry the flame torch through every county in the South, South East and Thames Valley.