Bamboo keeps Lemurs happy!

A wildlife park has called on an historic garen to help feed its gentle lemur twins.

Bamboo keeps lemurs happy!

Gardens step in to bring lemurs their tea!

Marwell Wildlife has enlisted the help of Exbury Gardens to supply bamboo to their family of critically endangered gentle lemurs.

The gentle lemurs are a highly specialised group of leaf eating primates, who in the wild feed exclusively on young twigs, shrubs and trees, such as bamboo.

Because of a limited a supply around the park, keepers sought help from nearby Exbury Gardens, which grows the bamboo the primates need to keep them healthy and happy.

Marwell Wildlife is home to a large family of gentle lemurs and recently celebrated the arrival of twins.

John Anderson, Exbury Head Gardener said: “It’s great that we can develop this partnership with Marwell. The Gardens have large swathes of ‘impenetrable’ bamboo and there remains a plentiful supply here.”

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