New flash flood warnings

The Environment Agency is urging people along the south coast of England to be prepared for the risk of flash flooding.

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Flood alert: more heavy rain for Dorset

The Environment Agency is urging communities in Dorset to be vigilant as further heavy rain is likely to increase the risk of flooding from groundwater. Exceptional rainfall in recent weeks has already caused groundwater flooding in some parts of Dorset.

Worst affected are Winterbourne Abbas, Martinstown, Ninestone, Winterbourne Steepleton and Wey Valley where nearly 75 homes and businesses have been flooded. The A35 trunk road has been closed for six days due to floodwater, but opened again yesterday when the Olympic Torch passed through.

A Groundwater Flood Alert remains in force for Dorset and the risk of flooding from the West Dorset Streams and Dorset Frome remains high.

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