Eurotunnel strike threat

Eurotunnel say they're surprised that their train drivers may vote to strike. Unite say they're balloting for strike action after one of their members was dismissed. The company say he was guilty of gross misconduct, but Unite say Eurotunnel are "heavy handed and cruel".

The driver, Ray Field, who was dismissed was diagnosed with possible skin cancer after a GP noticed lesions on his skin. Earlier in March he had requested holiday for the following six days after his medical appointment, which was refused by the company.

"Eurotunnel's behaviour is heavy handed, cruel and callous. His friends and colleagues are not prepared to accept the company's outrageous decision to kick a man when he is down. This dispute could be resolved at a stroke if Eurotunnel do what is right and reinstate Ray. Otherwise there is a very real possibility that Eurotunnel services will grind to a halt during the peak holiday season._

– Unite Regional Officer, David Weeks

Unite say any action will close Eurotunnel's Le Shuttle service at the peak holiday period.