South's cities good for no cars

Brighton and Southampton are among the top 10 cities in Britain that are least dependant on cars.

Two cities top for transport

Brighton is the second least car dependent city in Britain. According to research done by the Campaign for Better Transport, the Sussex seaside destination comes second only to London.

Meanwhile Southampton has improved since a similar survey was done two years ago. It's climbed five places to the fifth least car dependent car city.

The cities that have topped our ranking show how good planning and investing in transport infrastructure can provide decent transport alternatives and reduce the number of people having to make every-day journeys by car.

Local authorities need to realise the most cost-effective way to reduce dependence is to invest in cheaper, more-efficient public transport and build new developments that can be accessed by cycling and public transport and which reduce the need to travel, rather than throw money at expensive road plans that in reality fail to cut congestion."

– Sian Berry, Campaign for Better Transport

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