Attempts to reopen Ramsgate to transport live animals

Ipswich Port has suspended the live transport of animals to Europe leading to fears the shippings could return to Ramsgate.

The trade moved to Ipswich, a week ago, following its suspension from Ramsgate.

The ban came after 500 sheep had to be unloaded from a truck in the Kent port. 46 of these sheep died. Two drowned, two suffered broken legs and a further 42 had to be shot on the advice of a vet because of their lameness.

"I am aware the National Farmers Union is attempting to re-open Ramsgate. I say to them that they should respect the views of the people of Ramsgate, Ipswich and this country that there is no place in a civilised and compassionate society for this vile trade that causes so much suffering to animals."

– Gavin Grant, RSPCA Chief Executive

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