Charm offensive for sharks

An aquarium in Sussex is mounting a charm offensive on behalf of that much-maligned and misunderstood sea creature…the shark.

'Sharks need friends' say conservationists

Sharks at the Sea Life Centre Credit: PA

A Sussex aquarium is mounting a charm offensive on behalf of the "much-maligned and misunderstood" shark.

Brighton Sea Life Centre will be holding "shark weeks" from October 20th to November 4th.

Visitors will be deluged with facts about the oceans’ apex predators, and urged to lend their support to vital conservation efforts.

Marine expert Carey Duckhouse said: "With anything between 70 and 100 million sharks being killed every year, many species face a real threat of oblivion.

"The common perception of sharks as mindless man-eaters doesn’t help their cause and, frankly, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The European Parliament is currently debating whether all sharks caught should be landed with their fins intact, rather than lopped off out at sea and the bodies discarded.

“Having to bring the whole shark back would mean fewer fins could be landed, and since the rest of the shark is worth much less than the fins this would massively reduce finning,” added Carey.

“The ultimate goal, however, has to be to end this trade completely."

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