Southampton factory closure - Ford statement

Ford will continue to develop its UK operations as a centre of excellence for powertrain development and production. A new, next-generation, low-CO2 2.0-litre diesel engine is to be built in Dagenham that will power future Ford vehicles from 2016.

As part of the restructuring of its European operations, Ford plans to close two facilities in the UK in mid-2013 – its vehicle assembly plant in Southampton, which builds the current Transit, and its operations in Dagenham, which supplies the Southampton assembly plant and other plants.

The new engine will be designed and engineered at the Dunton technical Centre in Essex.

All UK separations are to be voluntary: affected employees in Southampton and Dagenham will be redeployed or offered separation terms.


Southampton jobs to go at Ford

There are concerns over the future of the Ford plant in Southampton because of the closure of a factory in Belgium.