Timmy MacColl: Family appeal

The family of a Hampshire sailor who went missing in Dubai in May are launching a fresh appeal for information. Leading Seaman Timothy Andrew Maccoll, who is 27 and from Gosport, was last seen getting into a taxi in the country on Sunday.

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Racheal MacColl: "I am unable to move on"

Being a military wife you know that knock on the door is a possibility but you never think it will be you. When the knock came I collapsed for I was told that my husband wasn't dead or injured but missing.

My head couldn't understand what they meant. For the last 5 months I have been unable to give up hope, unable to move forward, unable to grieve and constantly dreading the fact that the knock on the door might or might not ever come again.

So, today is so important to all of Timmy's family because we want his face to be seen by everybody in the hope they may remember something.

– Rachael MacColl, wife of missing sailor Timmy MacColl

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