Risk of winter flooding rises

Flood fairs are being held across the south for people to learn how to protect their homes. Authorities warn we face flooding this winter due to a record breaking wet summer.

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Fire crews battle flood waters

Firefighters fought to save homes and businesses as flooding hit the region. Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service received 80 calls yesterday relating to flooding and attended nearly 30 incidents, pumping water from homes and businesses, and assisting with redirecting floodwater away from properties.

The Environment Agency have released the following advice about floodwater:

  • Six inches of fast flowing water can knock you over.
  • Two feet of water will float your car.
  • Flooding can cause manhole covers to come off, leaving hidden dangers.
  • Don’t walk or drive through flood water.
  • Don’t let children play in flood water.
  • Don’t walk on riverbanks when there is flooding.
  • When water levels are high, be aware that bridges may be dangerous to walk or drive over.
  • Culverts are dangerous when flooded.
  • Look out for other hazards such as fallen power lines and trees.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly if you touch floodwater.

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