Debate rages over poppy burning arrest


Dear idiots at @kent_police, burning a poppy may be obnoxious, but it is not a criminal offence. I hope is incorrect.


@davidallengreen @kent_police is it not that the Poppy was burnt but for what the statement in doing so meant?


Man arrested for posting picture of burning poppy on Facebook. I agree it's disrespectful but criminal? #kentpolicefail

There is strong debate on social networking sites on whether Kent Police were right to arrest a 19-year-old man from Kent over posting a photo of a poppy burning on Facebook. He is currently being questioned by officers on suspicion of an offence under the malicious communications act.


Man bailed over 'poppy burning'

A man from Aylesham in Kent has been arrested for posting an image of a burning poppy on a social network site. He has been released on police bail.