Tour Medals for Hussars

Soldiers from The King’s Royal Hussars based at Tidworth in Wiltshire will receive their Afghanistan Operational Service Medals on 4th December 2012, after a six-month deployment to Southern Afghanistan as part of Task Force Helmand on Operation HERRICK 16. Princess Anne will present the medals.

The King’s Royal Hussars were in Helmand between March and October. The Regimental Battle Group had its headquarters at Lashkar Gah. It was the first district in Helmand to start the process of transition to Afghan control of security in 2011 and continued to make steady progress.

The Lashkar Gah Transition Support Group led by the Hussars led the counter insurgency campaign and advanced the training of Afghan forces to improve local security. The King’s Royal Hussars as a regiment did not suffer any fatalities whilst deployed on Operation HERRICK 16.