Council lifts animal export ban

Thanet Council has announced that is has lifted its temporary ban on live animal exports from the Port of Ramsgate.

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NFU 'reassured' by lifting of export ban

The NFU chief livestock adviser has said that he is reassured by Thanet Council's decision today to abandon its ban on live exports from Ramsgate.

The NFU has consistently said that moving live animals throughout Europe is a legitimate and lawful activity and it is reassuring that these latest developments bear this out.

Most farm animals are transported at some stage during their lives for breeding purposes or for further rearing. The issue is that these animals are transported under the right conditions in order that they arrive at their destination fit and healthy. Journeys over eight hours or between EU member states make up a very small but important minority of all movements and these take place using specially designed vehicles.

– Peter Garbutt, NFU chief livestock adviser

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