Hants sailor's boat damaged during Vendée Globe race

The Gosport-based sailor Alex Thomson has managed to continue in the Vendée Globe race after his boat hit an unknown object while travelling at a high speed on Sunday night. There was rudder damage and his power sources were affected. He has spent the last 36 hours carrying out emergency repairs.

The 38-year-old is currently in fifth position and still travelling at around 20 knots. The damage to one of his hydro generators - leaving just one operational - means he has to cut down on his use of electronics on board to save power. Hydro generators are the primary power supply on board.

"I checked the blade for damage and all looks ok this time so I replaced the fuse and set it back down again, tacked the boat back again and got back on my way. More miles lost, but again, not terminal. I have had the working rudder kick up three times all year so it seems a little harsh to hit something twice in almost 1 day but I am thankful that the fuse is doing its job and the rudder is staying in one piece. I really hope I don’t get dropped off the back of this lead group with these setbacks”

– Alex Thomson