More hospitals have Norovirus

A leading Kent hospital went into 'lockdown' over the weekend - the latest casualty of the rapid spread of Norovirus. Several other hospitals are affected

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Norovirus: Help and advice

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms typically begin 24-48 hours after infection with the virus. Sudden onset of nausea is usually the first sign of infection, followed by vomiting and watery diarrhoea.

How do you catch Norovirus?

Through contact with an infected person, as well as contact with surfaces – such as door handles and tables – that are contaminated with the virus. It is also caught by consuming contaminated food or liquid.

How do you avoid catching Norovirus?

Wash your hands frequently and avoid raw and unwashed foods.

  • Where can you get help and advice?
  • Call NHS Direct on 08454647 or click here
  • There is also more advice and information on the NHS Choices website here

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