Dog swallows Christmas lights

A seven-year-old dog is recovering from emergency surgery at home in Southampton after he swallowed Christmas lights.

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The PDSA's top five Christmas hazards

Charlie with christmas lights in Southampton Credit: PDSA

After Charlie the staffie cross swallowed more than a foot of christmas lights the PDSA has released a list of the top five most dangerous Christmas hazards for pets.

-Swallowing foreign bodies such as toys and decorations.

-Accidental poisoning through chocolate, raisins, artificial sweeteners, peanuts and other nuts, and batteries.

-Gastric torsion – twisted stomach often caused by vigorous exercise after a large meal.

-Hypothermia – low body temperature from exposure to cold weather.

-Accidental injury – pulling over the Christmas tree, slipping on ice, chewing on electric cables, treading on broken baubles.

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