Dog 'accidentally turned on the hob'

A fire is thought to have started after a dog accidentally turned on the hob in a Dartford home yesterday afternoon. Two fire engines from Dartford were sent to the two-storey house in Willow Road at 12.13pm after the homeowner called 999.

Firefighters discovered that the homeowner had been doing some laundry and had left the next load on top of the hob. She then went to collect her daughter from nursery and returned to find smoke coming out of her house.

Just three breaths of fire smoke can knock you unconscious so don’t put yourself at risk by stopping to investigate the fire or to collect pets or valuables. Just tell the fire crews when they arrive – we’ll be able to find them quicker and more safely than you. The safest option is to make sure cookers and other appliances are always fully switched off after use and never store items around ovens and hobs.

– Bob Chilmaid, Dartford Watch Manager

The fire destroyed 20% of the kitchen and caused smoke damage throughout the house. To get fire safety advice click here.

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